January 1, 2014

January 1, 2014- Hello 2014! Resolution-ish

Daddy's last day home for vacation. Someone ate every minute of it up!

Today was a "daddy only" day and "mommy stay far away". I'm glad these are far and few between. 

The start of a new year and a new calendar inspires reflection. I'm a resolution maker (all year long), a list maker and a marker-offer. Here's my not very concrete "resolutions" for 2014.

 1.) Redeem the day. I want to make the most of each day. In general I mean, be disciplined and productive but also to prioritize people over my own comfort, goals and enjoyment.

2.) Learn memory verses. I've never been very good at this... This last year I made a strong effort but only came out with twelve verses. This year I hope to keep those up to scratch as well as add at least twelve new verses. I can share them here if you want.

3.) Read my Bible. The past two years I haven't been consistent at all. I like to read my Bible through each year and I really want to stick with it this year even though having two children feels like a full time job.. Wait... It IS a full time job. But I still want to commit to reading through the Bible. I'm still finishing off my last "read through" so I will likely start over in February.

4.) Pray and journal each day. I love to journal (looks at the blog and points--> Obviously!). Having kids has in some ways made me journal more and in others a lot less. I am aiming to journal at least one line a day. Also, I want to commit a dedicated time to prayer (this was a resolution last year that I did so-so on). I end up normally doing things I can "see" first and just throwing up prayers rather than being quiet before the Lord. I want to work on that and set time aside when I journal.

5.) Exercise. Obviously. I don't manage my weight well when pregnant. With Sophie I barely gained an ounce until the last two months and here I am now with an extra thirty pounds hanging on. How did THAT happen?!  So I'm currently doing Lindsay Brinn's "Pretty Fierce" and I'm excited about it. I like her positive approach to exercise.

6.) Photography- Take a picture every day (or at least aim for it) to make a 2014 photo book. I'd like to get better and shooting in low light. I'm pretty horrible at it. 

7.) Be kinder, gentler, more patient etc.

How about you friends? Any resolutions you'd wish to share? Happy happy New Years! Here's to many blessings~

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