December 2, 2013

The Start of the Last Month of 2013

Well.. The veganism didn't sit well with sweet Sophie.

In the last week we cut out soy thinking it was making her fussy and completely unherself. Then I realized it was lack of calories and in a panic went straight to Whataburger and ate a huge cheese burger AND a milk shake.

Milk restored in twelve hours.

Baby happy again.

(Now doing a combo with heart healthy advice from the book "Cholesterol Down"... And counting calories to make sure I get at least 1800 since I obviously go either WAY above or WAY below).

In the last seven days we drove south and had Thanksgiving with family. All of of sleeping together in one room in a hotel always makes my heart so happy. Even when Claire digs her little heels into my ribs or kicks me in the face at night... I love having them near by. Hearing their little breathing. It helps me rest easier.

Then we turned and drove north to meet with old friends from far away- from Colorado and others visiting from Africa. It was all too short but so sweet.


- we ate Thanksgiving at a Methodist church in the tiny town where my family lives b/c we're a big group. At one point I went to check on Claire who was playing happily with her older cousins (they're so great) and they were all in the nursery. Claire was in the crib surrounded by blankets and all of the older kids giggled. I peeked in to a deliriously happy 'baby' Claire. I said, "What are you doing?" To which she immediately replied, "Shhhh!"

-And today...
Claire: Where is daddy? Me: Daddy is at work.
Claire: What does work mean? Me: Work means daddy's job.
Claire: What does job mean? Me:... Job means what daddy does to get paid.

Claire: What does means mean?
Me.... Means means what something is.

Claire: What does is mean?


Ordinary J said...

Cute baby! I never knew a baby can be put on a vegan diet, first time to hear:)

The Reeds said...

Oh no! Sorry for the confusion. Not the baby. But me and I'm nursing her. :)

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