December 18, 2013


We take this break from normal posting to share some randomness.

On a happy and unrelated note. This may be the funniest video I've ever seen.

And- this simple test could predict how long you will live.
Image: Roen Kelly/Discover
 Hint: Do it with someone around just in case! Jacob passed with flying colors. Me? Not so much.

And on a very serious note:  Did you know you should anchor your furniture down?

This is the story of how one mom woke up to find her 3 year old suffocated under her (very small) dresser... Very sad but worth reading to motivate us to action to finally anchor or big (and not so big) furniture to the wall...

Claire doesn't normally climb but in the last few months I caught her climbing up our huge (heavy and tall) book cases. And she's been hanging on furniture. Two chairs have fallen on her in the past few months. And the other day I had friends over and the toddlers were running around like crazy. The next thing we know I hear a strange noise behind us and Claire had oddly climbed up and was hanging on the sofa table and it fell on her and had her pinned down by her mouth to the floor.... Definitely time to anchor things.


The Kowals said...

Um. The commercial is seriously one of the most hilarious videos I have ever seen. I've already emailed it to my entire family and a bunch of pregnant and new mama RR friends hahaha. Sheesh I love and miss you :)

The Reeds said...

I know! I can't stop watching it. Just hilarious.

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