December 4, 2013

Hat Off to Mommies

Dear mommy friends,

Whether you have one child, two, three or four. Whether you've adopted, fostered or had them via c-section, all natural, in the bush or at home. 

Whether you work, stay at home, do it all alone or have a partner/spouse to help (or not help). 

Either way, any way, no matter how you cut it- my hat goes off to you.

Parenting isn't easy. Being a mommy (and daddy) isn't easy. Hug your own parent today and realize how hard they worked to make memories for you. 

It just ain't easy.

Nothing makes me cry out to God more and cling to Jesus during the day like the precious sweet, chubby cheeked joys that are my offspring.

They make me smile. They fill my heart. And they challenge me. Make me want to sit on the edge of the bed in the dark, grit my teeth and scream quietly, "Dear God I am not doing this right. Help! I can't take anymore."

The mountain of laundry that's never done and the applause that never sounds when you finish a meal, pick up a room or put yourself through the shower. It's never ending and always a battle.

But what a beautiful, sweet, rewarding battle.

My hat's off to you friends. Keep at it. And don't give up.


Ordinary J said...

Yes, I don't know how you, my sister, my mom and all the moms in the world can handle such tough job. Being a mom is very physically and mentally demanding. I remember how my mother used to be the last to go to bed and the first to rise. Now my sister is doing the same. I salute you all!!

The Reeds said...

Thank you!

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