December 8, 2013

December 8, 2013

I tried to capture Jacob being the best daddy ever. Claire has this little "house" my sister gave her. She calls it "church" and asks us to go in it with her every day. She sings (and directs!) songs and has books in there. Tonight Jacob got in with both girls. Too sweet.

Today Claire wore a Christmas dress to church- the classic little velvet smocks like when I was a girl. I just loved it. Unfortunately for me she wasn't feeling the "photo shoot".  And lastly, Claire actually helped me with dishes- kind of.

Sweet days for sure,


The Kowals said...

O George, how I love and miss you. Great job posting like a crazy fool this December! Sophie is such a doll, Claire is my female Brighton (that's how I feel about her) and I love all the pictures - aren't the ones with the "real camera" the best?! When I break mine out I remember while I fell in love with photography in the first place. Keep em' coming sister. Lots of love and missing from RR :)

The Reeds said...

I miss you too! I've just come out of one of those overwhelming busy seasons where I feel like I can never get ahead. And we have a lot of meltdowns over here too. I'm sad to hear that sweet B is still having reactions... :( Hoping he grows out of it soon.

I'm just trying to take a pic a day since I realized I have so few with sophie and I treasure the ones I took of Claire when I tried 365. I know I will fall short but I treasure whatever I can get for now.
p.s. we got the ornament! Beautiful! You've been a busy little bee!

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