December 19, 2013

December 19, 2013

We got Claire a balance bike. To prepare her I showed her videos on youtube of children on balance bikes, having fun, wearing helmets etc.

What did she do? Tried it for 30 seconds then said it was, "Too heavy". I said,  "Remember the boy in the video? What fun he had?!"

Claire said, "The boy goes crash."

Woah.. in 15 minutes of different videos over the course of two days, one little boy crashed once and his family laughed and the boy zoomed off.

A balance bike
A helmet
A tiny bell

What does she love? The tiny bell.

I kept saying, "Today is a big day Claire! You're going to ride your bike outside!"

She went and got on her tricycle.

Now hours later she keeps saying, "It's a big day!"

Not quite what I meant but still.

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