December 17, 2013

December 17, 2013 Two Year Old at Play

 Because someday I will want to remember.
 And her little spectator who is battling a cold and was content just to watch.
 Claire's first braids. Two time outs.  We had a special talk about obeying.
Me: Claire, you obey mommy. Now, who do you obey?
Claire: I obey mommy and I obey daddy.
Me: Yes!
Claire: I obey God!
Me: (heart melting- thinking- I have to tell Jacob!)
Claire: and I obey Bailey!
Me:... No. You obey Bailey's mommy and daddy. You do NOT obey Bailey.
Claire: (thinks for a second). I obey Rogan!?
Me: No....


Claire is grabbing copious amounts of kleenex from the box.
Jacob: Claire, what are you doing?
Claire: I'm ceanin! (cleaning)
Jacob: We don't clean with kleenexes. Put them back please.
Claire: (stares).
Jacob: Put them back Claire...
Claire:( takes entire wad of kleenex and blows nose on them and shoves them back in box). <>: Okay daddy!

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