December 11, 2013

December 10, 2013

Daddy working at home is pretty much the best thing ever.

 Here's what I love about these shots and what I want to remember two years down the road...

1. Sophie is almost sitting on her own at 5 months so we pulled the Bumbo out. I love her little thick stockings and how cute her little legs are sticking out of the bumbo.

2. Her little round face is just precious.

3.She sat here beside me while I got some much needed reading down. She was as happy as a meadow lark.

4. Claire loves gold fish...  Her adoring face here is proof of that.

5. I love Claire's little pony tails at this stage.

6. This last picture sums Claire up so well... always working at something and being just like mommy. Here she is stirring her "food" and she wouldn't come to the table for lunch until she thought her food "was ready" too. Then she kept telling us it was hot and to be careful.



The Teacher said...

They are so cute, and look so much alike. Claire's hair in a ponytail is adorable- is her hair red?

The Reeds said...

Dev'n I think it's just the lighting. But I love her little pony tails. :)

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