November 25, 2013

Snowed In

Hi there!

We got "snowed" in this weekend! I use the term loosely because... this is how much snow we actually got:

Everything shut down and all of our activities were cancelled.

We stayed in, wore pajamas, and had real tea parties with daddy.

He's such a stud.

A little project I've been working on took up most of my hours.


 I woke up dead tired (late nights with this project) and not excited about being "vegan". *Sigh*

I tried a new recipe, Apple Cranberry Oatmeal.

It was so so.  For having no added sugar it was extra sweet but a little too tangy with the cranberries and I like sour things normally.

Clean Up

After breakfast we got our cleaning mojo on! I swear, at least five times a week I look around our house and go, "How did it get this messy?" We host a good bit and I try to pick up after us but again and again it looks like a dirty clothes/toy bomb went off.

All over I find cute little evidence of pretend tea parties with pretend guests.

We cleaned and I had a helper!
She even helped prep lunch.
She loves helping in the kitchen and is more inclined to taste about anything when I let her help, touch, hold and smell things.

Today I had to hide the parsley because she was eating it... by the handfull.

Then two helpers!


Lunch was a Roasted Chick Pea salad.

We were not fans. I kept saying, "This can't be right."  I mean, the chickpeas weren't roasted and the sweet potatoes fell apart much to the contrary of the recipes description...

Not a repeater for us.

Tonight I've got some fun plans. The pressure is on to finish a lot of projects at once... But I love  pressure!

Have a great day~

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