November 17, 2013

One Good Reason to Go Vegan


Ten years ago I would have had no clue what that word even meant!

A plant? An alien? Seriously...

Vegan means to go without animal products.


My precious cheese! Yet...

The Countdown to Veganism
First Vegan grocery run. Feeling excited!

First, let me state that I don't want to "go" vegan.

 I really don't.

Yet here I am today preparing to go Vegan in less then 8 hours... And here's why you should go vegan too. Maybe....

Your health.

I have high cholesterol (off the chart kind of high), and my doctor is giving me some time to see what I can do about it via lifestyle changes.

Veganism in Perspective
Let me clarify- this is a "First World Problem". I'm a little embarrassed to write about it when there are people suffering in the world.

But for me, my cholesterol is a problem. So- I will be posting about this little rendezvous with lots of veggies and fruit here on the old blog (hi blog!).

I don't recommend an extreme diet ever. I believe in moderation. But for me- medication for cholesterol is right around the corner. And I want to avoid medication.

I have six months before I visit my doctor again and get my cholesterol checked.

Being a breastfeeding mom I am going to be very careful to get enough calories each day as well as enough protein and calcium, also I plan to add in some cheats of occasional salmon and tuna. As for my husband and toddler- well- let's just say they are not making this same commitment.

I'm sleepy and I need to go to sleep for the last time as a carnivore.

With ice cream, lasagna and pumpkin bread happily churning in my tummy...

Good night!


Kara said...

You can do it! Oh she glows has the best recipes. Eat to live is also a great book worth reading!

The Reeds said...

Thanks Kara! I appreciate the vote of confidence! I've been staying up late being nervous (and excited?) about tomorrow... Here it comes!

jojo said...

Have you read the book...WHEAT BELLY by William Davis, MD? I am just finishing it up now. VERY interesting! Worth a read.

The Reeds said...

JoJo I haven't! That sounds really interesting. Does it have to do with gluten free?

jojo said...

Yes! It also explains the effect that wheat has on all of the systems in the body. For instance, blood sugar, cholesterol ( and how to read cholesterol blood work)aches and pains, and high blood pressure, among other things. It truly is worth reading.

The Reeds said...

Wow! Thanks Jojo. I will look into it.

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