November 19, 2013

My Vegan Eats

Today was my second day being vegan.... And... I feel better.

I cringe writing it!

I am more alert and clear headed and I never once hit a slump during the day.

Here's how our eats are going today.

Vegan Eats Day 2
From top left:
1. dried okra. I saw this at the store and am loving it as a snack.
Today at lunch Claire kept asking for more ap-icots. I soon realized she was meaning the dried okra. I said, "You mean okra?" She nodded.
I said, "Can you say okra?"
She said, "Okra!"
And she immediately turned to Dona and kindly said in her "mommy"/teacher voice, "Dona.. can YOU say okra?..."
Ay.. This girl!
2. Potato tacos. I was a little nervous about these but they were super yummy. A little spicy again so Claire opted out with yogurt, oatmeal etc.
3. Smashed bean and avocado tacos. I had company for lunch and surprisingly these went over well.

You will notice that for each meal I am drinking a glass of soy milk to ensure that I am getting plenty of calcium. This is especially important for nursing moms.

After lunch I told Claire we were going for a walk and to go get all she needed....
Fancy Nancy!
In other news:
1. the girls love each other... (no babies were harmed in the taking of that picture) :)
2. I started c25k. Today was day one of week one. This was my view!
3. Claire is such a character lately. She started playing hide-n-seek yesterday. Today she hid behind the couch and said, "I'm seeking!" And the last picture is right after she shouted "I love music!!!!" after beating this drum for five minutes then quickly turning it over and singing loudly into it- at one point declaring, "I'm Beethoven!"

 Have a blessed day~

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