November 23, 2013

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

It's freezing here so we plan on bundling up and staying home this weekend. I have some fun interviews I'm doing for an upcoming article and a baby shower (which I always love). And... we're celebrating our first Thanksgiving with our Gospel Community from church. So exciting! Other than that we're relaxing! Sophie now loves watching Claire and gets a big gummy smile on her face when Claire is in the room. Melt. My. Heart. Here are some fun things from around the web:

-Nurse Reveals Top Five Regrets People Make on Their Deathbed

-Project XPat: Exploring the Expatriate Life

-Things People With No Kids Don't Know
- Strangers Becoming Instant Friends

-World War II Widow Finds Answers (from Vernon, Texas!) This is so touching!

-A Mother Hears Her Daughter's Heartbeat One Last Time is a must watch

-Man Finds Himself Surrounded in an Audience of People He Saved as Children in WWII

Have a great weekend friends!

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