November 2, 2013

Hall-o-WEE!-n 2013

So it's November 2 and here I am still thinking of my little "poppy cock" and cow. We really had fun. We took about an hour to get around the block and Claire was SO proud to walk the whole way. She would stop and examine rocks, wander off the path etc.

It's why Jacob rightly thinks toddlers should be called Dawdlers.

She got into knocking on doors and saying, "Trick or Treat!" (normally before people even opened the door).

We trained her to step back, say thank you and bye. We were a little surprised at how eagerly she walked into people's homes.. We may need to work on some stranger danger stuff!
Halloween 2012- Our little Skunk and elephant friend.

The next day we called grandparents to relay our experience. The funny thing was, before Halloween Claire didn't know what candy was... Not any more! (Sad face). Telling her grandparents about the event I said, "Tell them what you said when you knocked on the door."
Halloween 2011- Our little first puppy dog.

And Claire said, without missing a beat, "Give me candy in my basket!!!"

So cute. And not what she said at all but obviously what stood out.

This stage is SO much fun.


Brittany said...

so fun! I love seeing what is just around the corner with us for Lydia. Gosh, I have loved every stage so far- hard to imagine loving the next but I always do! hope you are doing well!

The Reeds said...

I didn't think it could get more fun... but it is!

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