November 22, 2013

The Magdalena Film and Tea Time

Good afternoon friends!

Winter has arrived! It's so cold here. 

Yesterday morning it was warm and sunny and by the evening it was literally freezing.


Last night, I had plans and realized last minute that it didn't include dinner. Oops. 
I threw together tacos for the family and vegan boca patties/tacos for me before I left. It worked! 

It was nice to get out on my own for a bit.

Rug Time

My friend had several of us women over for a Middle Eastern tea time with desserts. 
It was so much fun! We heard from a woman who has worked with the Jesus Film for years. 

She shared with us a neat dvd focused on women called Magdalena. You can watch it here.

I'm a woman and obviously I love other women and understanding their roles and lives. I also love travel and different cultures. And I love Jesus! He has done transforming work in my  heart and life and I love to share that with other people. Perfect combination!

Two neat things:
1. There is a free app you can download where you can watch the Jesus Film from your phone in any language.. Amazing! Download it here: Jesus Film app.

2. The woman visiting asked where we had been etc. When I mentioned Karamoja she actually knew where it was AND her son was the team on the ground in the mid-90's recording the Jesus film there! How cool is that?!


Today I went with the chai oatmeal with a heaping spoonful of sun butter on it. This is an easy and fast meal for me (and yummy!).

Side note: This calls for a drizzling of maple syrup. We got a jar while we were visiting Toronto a few years back and today I used the last drop. Only then did I realize it said to refrigerate after opening. Uhhhh. Oops!


For lunch we had friends over. Our friends are about to move to the French Alps to study French and I'm so jealous! They have a little girl and she and Claire had the best time playing. I love seeing Claire having fun with her friends.

So hosting with a vegan angle... 

I wasn't prepared and threw together some spaghetti, corn and green beans. 
I feel a little awkward taking pics of my friends so here you go- empty table!

Not even an hour later I was ravenous. Goes to show what good planning (and protein!) can do for you. 

So I had half a banana with sun butter and soy milk. 

I feel much better now.

I really struggle to drink enough water. I know it's good for me but it's still hard. As a nursing mom you need even more liquid to keep your milk supply. 

I thought it would be a good reminder to look at why water is so good for us:

Five Benefits of Drinking Water

My goal each day.
 1. Water helps maintain normal bowel function (Source.) 2. Drinking water is good for your joints. Your joints need lubrication to function their best (Source.)
3.  Helps you lose weight. Water helps suppress your appetite, with fluid retention and helps convert fat to energy (Source.)
4. Water helps us avoid dehydration and the tiredness and sluggishness that come with it (and headaches for me). (Source.)
5. Our body is made up of 70% water and needs it to function at it's best. (Source.)

Do you have any tips for drinking more water? I really do welcome the advice!

Tonight we have NO plans  exciting dinner plans with our neighbors! They also have a two year old so there will be lots of toddler funnie's going on. :)

Have a great day friends,

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