November 18, 2013

Fantastic First Day Being Vegan

That's pretty positive isn't it?

Today is my first day being vegan. I'm almost ashamed to even say it out loud.

I live in beef country. I live in sausage and cheese land (kind of).

Not to mention the fact that I'm breastfeeding. Eeeeek!

But today I started! And.. it was Fantastic!

Here's why:

My First Vegan Eats
I ate loads.. and I love to eat loads.

I started with some chai oatmeal according to my Sample 3-Day Individual Meal Plan.
It was tasty. For me it was a HUGE bowl compared to what I normally eat. But I'm not complaining.

I got off to work on lunch soon after. Frankly, it took me a long time to figure out new recipes. They aren't hard, I'm just not used to cooking real meals with two little "helpers" along side.
 My helper helped me get dishes done. I got the idea to put perfectionism aside and let my toddler help in the kitchen from Roni at Roni's Weigh. It is great advice!

(Though it takes a little longer..)

But I can get used to it!

Lunch was a Moroccan Lentil Soup. It was easy enough and made way more than one (huge) bowlful.  It was a little too spicy to share with my little sidekick.  I added a sweet potato and was so full I couldn't finish it all.

I also filled up my water early in the morning.. This is the one thing I struggle with most of all. Getting enough water... It makes me feel better but it's so hard for me to do!

My fail confession is that I didn't have veggie broth and had to use chicken broth in the soup... I'm still counting it as a vegan day!
This is about 100 oz. of water.
I took several breaks during the day trying to get the mess from cooking under control. All of my breaks included baby "Butch" and playing "Dr.". Claire's new thing today is, "What do you think?!"

Each time when I asked her she said, "I dunno!"

Lots of fruit in our house today.

The Perfect Season
Look what the husband came home with.

It's my latest article in SportsLubbock.  It's always exciting to see them in person.

 Day one is almost over!

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