October 18, 2013

Things I Want to Remember

These are some things I want to remember so I hope you won't mind me sharing them with you.

-Today was Claire's first dentist appointment. She is 27 months old. I had a cleaning scheduled and so they let her come in too to appease me.

We had prepped her, talking about how kind Dr. Green is and practicing opening our mouths, looking at each others' teeth and praising her.

She was a bit apprehensive then climbed into the big chair. I could tell she was so proud, scared and excited all at once. The dental hygeinist put on her hot pink gloves and face mask and Claire shrank away scared. We encouraged her and she was brave and let the kind woman look in her mouth and at her teeth.

Then she got a Dora tooth brush and held the pot pink package up and said in a hushed voice of awe, "Wow....."

She also got to bring home a face mask and some chapstick so she was pretty thrilled with her day.

- Yesterday Claire went to see Dr. Jeremy because we were afraid she had an ear infection.. again (and she did.. a bad one). She has them a lot- like every time she gets a runny nose. I know she's had two already this autumn but this one seemed worse.

She got dressed up in a new sweet jumper, took her purple purse, pink phone and purple cup. She also got to take her new pink doctor "kit". She LOVES playing doctor and will even imagine she is someone else. She will walk up with her dr. kit and say, "Hi! How are you? Good to see you! I'm Dr. _______". She will proceed to look in your ears, check your mouth, and feel around on your chest and back with her little stethoscope saying, "Beef... Beef... Beef.." (Breathe.) Looking so proud and excited all at once.

So when she knew we had a dr.s appointment she asked literally all morning, "Where's Dr. Jeremy?"

When we were waiting to go back they took her height and weight (25.6 lbs) and height 34 1/2 inches and took her blood pressure with a tiny little cuff. At first she was scared but then the nurse let  Claire use it.. Right move! She came alive and got to put it on the nurse and then she played dr. for a bit.

In the waiting room every noise she heard she would get so excited and say, "Dr. Jeremy!!?" she even rolled his little stool around like it was a car as she acted like she was going to the office and then would "show up" and go through her dr. routine.

Of course when he actually came in she turned bright red and started crying and hid by me. Eventually she choked out everything we had rehearsed.

When he said, "Hi Claire! How are you?!" She quietly croaked out, "Fine, thank you."

When he said, "What's wrong?"

Claire whispered, "ear hurts" shoving her little finger in her ear.

Love her.

Lately photographing Claire is like photographing sasquatch. She's elusive. On the move and hard to catch.

Also, lately, laid back and happy little Sophie smiles when she hears Claire nearby and Claire ALWAYS wants to know where Sophie is.

The minute Claire wakes up she says, "Rophie?! Where's Rophie? Rophie (or sometimes "Yophie") cryin'?!"

And when Sophie is crying Claire comes running, "Rophie hunny. Rophie sleepy. Rophie sad."

The other day I was working on organizing the linen closet and Claire kept trying to get me to play in her room. I told her I was working. She leaned out of her door watching me and mumbled something a few times. Finally I understood what she was saying, "Busy busy day..."

This kid. She's so great!

And as for Sophie- she's starting to "gurgle/growl" and .. suck her thumb! or pinky or any finger she can get in her mouth. Which means she's a self soother! (Amazing!). We'll tackle the getting her to quit later. She still wakes up a lot during the night but she hardly cries so I refuse to complain.

She will lay in her swing, or on the floor and even will "moan", sucking her fingers til she falls asleep with her other little hand covering her face. This way I can clean and cook. It's amazing!

Now her naps aren't long at all and she doesn't sleep through the night AT ALL. But I sure don't mind. She's such a joy and doesn't scream non stop when she is awake so I just tote her around.

She has also started really noticing Jacob. When he enters a room she completely lights up. How can she already be a daddy's girl?! I don't know but she totally is.

These are just some things I want to remember.

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