October 30, 2013

Pre-Costume Costume Time

It's the end of the month. Whew! I've been eager to get this month over with for some reason.

I've been making my friend's pumpkin bread like it's going out of style.

And...I've been staring at this picture a lot.

I just love it. I can't say why. That's my grandmother, at the time a young mother. Much younger than I am now in fact.

I think I love the youth and passion it shows. I love how she seems to be loving life, and loving being a mother. I know I am.  I love this picture because I know that right now only a few short hours away my grandma is frustrated that her body is failing her: eyesight, balance, joints, heart.

I'm frustrated and sad for her.

But this picture.. her passion is the same.

Each time I see her she starts by listing off the projects she's working on. This last visit it was little knitted sock/shoes for everyone in the family.

I wonder how many sock shoes I've had in my life from her?

Today I dressed up Claire and Sophie and we went to a local science museum and it was crazy packed. I found it funny that one of the few dads there alone with his kids had the little 18 month old just trailing behind him in the busy parking lot while he blazed a trail up ahead with the older kid. Yep. I bet the mom would have a heart attack.

The girls had fun. Actually, Sophie got lots of oohs and ahs in the carrier and fell asleep as a little cow sucking her fingers. Claire was mainly a wild woman, running around and not listening.

But it was fun.
And this is our backyard. Life with a scientist.
Happy Almost November!

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