October 28, 2013

Our Life Lately: Toddler TidBits

The other day I got  a wild hair to organize the linen closet.

[On a side note: I am the world's worst fitted sheet-folder as well as the worst cookie maker. ]

So I had sheets of varying sizes pulled out and Claire kept asking me to play with her. I told her I was working.

She started leaning out of her room jabbering as I zoned her out.

I finally realized she was sighing and saying, "Busy, busy day..." in a forlorn voice as she watched me wrangle sheets.

Love her.


I took the girls to my grandparents so Sophie could meet them. Our final night there we were at a small cafe and my mom and I were talking.

Claire has developed a new habit of talking the entire time we talk through dinner. It's... "endearing".. and super frustrating.

Suddenly I realized she was patting her chest saying, "Clis (Claire) didn't get watis (water)." I was impressed because a.) she was right- I had forgotten to order her a drink and b.) I had never heard her use the verb "didn't" and I was impressed.

My mom said, "Claire, we will ask the waitress the next time she stops by."

Being a small.. no... tiny town cafe there was only one waitress scrambling all around. Claire immediately looked at her, raised her eyebrows and started saying, "Where are you?!.... Where arrrreeee yooouuu?"

It was cute and mom and I ignored her and went back to talking. Soon Claire said, "Where are you Little Girl?!"

Love her so so much.

To top off the evening a "bird" flew through the cafe. As it was dusk and it was swooping low I became immediately aware of the fact that it was indeed a BAT.

Men and teenage boys began swinging their hats and brooms as everyone collectively gasped and oohed, aahed (or screamed) each time the bat made a pass over our heads.

Being the animal lover I piped up, "Don't kill it! They're endangered."

I then looked at my mom and whispered, "But mind you.. if that bat gets tangled in my hair I'm banging my head against this table til it dies."

And I meant it.

I like bats... in theory.

After our gospel community last week the couple who watch our girls said, "They were great!" Which is what they always say.

Only this week the wife excitedly added, "Claire didn't pinch or scratch once!"


Then at church on Sunday a friend said, "Hey! My girls just said, 'Look mom! It's Claire!... she pinches us...'"

Apparently we need some work in that arena.

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All the Claire funnies make me happy. Now, I go to bed :)

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