October 31, 2013

Costume Time!

Today was a great day.

We gathered wee little babies and had to get the "baby shot".
Note: Big squishy chairs are perfect for rolly polly little babies to be squnched up together for a picture. They weren't going anywhere.
Note 2: I had to dance like a squid and squeal, "Look at me! I'm a SeaWEED!" to elicit Sophie's tiny smile. It was worth it though my friends will never look at me the same again and Alli (baby in yellow) was obviously VERY unimpressed.

She was alive.. I promise.

Just.. unimpressed...

This year we passed on "trunk or treat" and instead hung around our neighborhood and met more neighbors than we have in five years of living here and going on walks.  It was great.

We saw no one else while we trick or treated.


Wait.. that was confusing..

What I mean is, we saw no other trick- or-treaters (since I'm sure they were all at "Trunk or Treat" events). But we saw loads of friendly neighbors who say that often NO ONE comes by and their bags of candy just go to waste (i.e. their own expanding hips). 

This is my little homage to this "What Does the Fox Say?" video. Trying to keep myself young and "in the know" with that link. :)

1 comment:

The Kowals said...

O my word George!! That Sophie is one serious sweet pea, love her and of course Claire that turkey. Love the posts sister *long distance hug*

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