October 1, 2013

Clairism- Super good!

Claire's language is just exploding and almost daily she says things that surprise us.

Last night Jacob called out from the living room, "Conjunctions!"

When I ran in he explained that Claire has started using conjunctions. She was telling him a "story" and said, "I give it to Rophie (Sophie) but I..." This is new!

Today at lunch Claire was jabbering away and held up a grape to me and said, "Super good!"

I didn't think I understood her correctly. But she repeated, "Momma- it's super SUPER good!"

I chuckled and she beamed at making me laugh.

Then she said, "Try it! It's super good!"

Try it? Super good? Where does this come from!

Lastly she said, "Put it in oven. Wait til you try it. It's Super SUPER good!"

Love it!

1 comment:

Jen said...

So cute. :) My 2 year old daughter's vocabulary grows miraculously everyday, and it's so much fun hearing her learn new words!

I found your blog because we had "fellowship" in common. It was such a pleasure to stop by!

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