October 29, 2013

A Letter to My Future Self

Dear Future Self,
I bet you're pretty curious as to what we're up to right now huh? All of the details and memories are a little hazy and you've just honestly forgotten what our daily lives were like at this point haven't you?

Well, let me enlighten you.

Claire is 2 years and 3 months old and she talks all of the time. Now, you don't understand it all immediately of course. Sometimes she has to patiently repeat, "Fankislas" over and over again for you until you realize she is indeed asking to read "Franklin is Lost". Ah. Of course.
The pink purse that goes with us everywhere.
That happens a lot.

And Claire is quite the little helper. Just this morning while you were trying to change Sophie's diaper and put her down Claire was rushing through the house putting "Baby Butch" down for a nap. She whispered, bounced, and hushed. She pushed her little orange and purple stool up to the crib and wadded up a blanket on Butch. Then she proceeded to walk through the house ominously saying, "Ki-et!! Butch's sleepin'!" To which you had to reply, "Oh of course! I'm so sorry!" in a huge dramatic whisper.
All girl with the best daddy ever.
And then there is the matter of sweet Sophie. Last night she "slept" 12 hours. You've just begun letting her sleep in a different room at just shy of 4 months. I say "slept" because I'm pretty sure that little sugar pie just woke up like usual, and hummed as she sucked on her fingers for at least an hour at a time. You feel kind of bad about it but also feel a little like a new woman (with no hip pain for the first time in months) after you first full night of sleep.

On the note of Sophie... You prayed for months that she would be happy and she is. She really really is. She will lay quietly and coo at the ceiling and kick- sucking on her hands or staring at them.. And when you make eye contact she breaks into the biggest, most ecstatic smile ever. And boy does she love her daddy. When he walks in a room she just lights up.

And you have become "that" mom. You let Claire watch an hour of tv a day (I know.. atrocious). Sesame Street to be exact and she has started saying, "Oh Yeah!" like Telly. And she occasionally gets to watch Angelina Ballerina which she loves like you wouldn't believe and dances and spins the entire time it is on saying, "I ballerina!" So.. I hope you saved up for lessons because they're coming.

Life right now is sweet... From rocking sweet Sophie and kissing that soft little bald head to baking pumpkin bread or cookies with Claire. When you're in her dark room for nap time and you ask her what song she wants to sing she almost always says, "Holy Holy..." or like today, "My Sunshine". And when you sing quietly and rock her in the dark, smelling her sweet hair and clinging tight but even tighter to the memory- you know deep down these are some of the most precious days ever.
Remember? Blue berries are our favorite!
You wouldn't trade them for anything.

And I, for one, am so glad you didn't.

The You From Now

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