September 5, 2013

Side by Side: Two Months

I saw a really neat project  Erin Vey is doing with her little girls and thought I would do the same. I will try to post pictures of the girls in the same outfits/poses/places at various stages. Claire will always be on the left and Sophie will always be on the right.

Pretty cute right?

I love them so much.


The Kowals said...

Love the side by side!!! I wish I could do this with my boys :( Liam is officially in 9 month clothes, my giant 4 month old. B was such a pip-squeak

The Reeds said...

Oh my word! I can't wait to meet him because Brighton was NOT a pip squeak! But I understand, Sophie is bigger and growing SO FAST! Can't wait to play!!! :)

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