September 18, 2013

Labor of Love 2- The Birth of Sophia Elizabeth

Hi friends, It's already been two months and I really need to share Sophie's birth story!

If you're not interested in this sort of thing... don't read it. Spoiler alert- I use words like, mucous plug, bloody show etc.... So don't venture on if you're not interested in those things...

If you are- then read on!

Because my labor with Claire had been so long and "trying", I was all geared up to labor as long as possible at home. I bought "Hypnobabies" and worked through the material which makes you practice relaxation and breathing exercises.

I woke up on July 3 with a few contractions but knew I could have days left before things "got serious".  Eventually that day, I had bloody show and then lost my mucous plug (lovely labor terms). I spent the day at home.

I had grand plans to make cookies to butter up the nurses. But when that day actually came, my cramping and contractions were too intense when I was standing for me to actually stand and bake. This was already different than my experience with Claire.

I still wasn't sure I was in labor and just rested and Jacob took the day off getting some last minute projects done.

That night at dinner I felt a little sick to my stomach and wasn't that hungry (hello!! Again so obvious in hindsight!).

I went to bed early trying to relax and focus on my Hypnobabies techniques. Mainly, as contractions would come I would think, "This Hypnobabies crap isn't working!" On the other hand I thought, "I will wait and go to the hospital when things 'get serious.'"

Jacob's parents drove in just in case and Jacob eventually went to sleep.  I played solitaire and timed my contractions with an app. waiting for things to amp up so I could know it was real. I tried to rest and even sleep between contractions. Though I was timing them, I was oddly out of touch with how long or far apart they were. I just knew things didn't "feel serious".

Contractions were consistent all night but suddenly at 5 am got INTENSE. I figured I had another 20 hours since I had a longggg labor with Claire (and pushed three loooong hours) and I thought I was "just" entering into active labor.

 I was having to run to the bathroom and each time I would stand up or go to the bathroom I was having crazy contractions and was moaning and thinking I wanted an epidural.  Me.. All natural girl. I was starting to think some crazy thoughts and longing for an epidural needle. Things got crazy REAL fast.

Suddenly I started gagging and should have known it was close but STILL I got back in bed.

I had woken Jacob up and said, "Help me lay down." He did.

I closed my eyes to "relax" and then I said, "Pray for me."

Jacob said calmly and sweetly, "I have been."

And I said, "PRAY for me NOW!!" 

(Hindsight... obviously I was REALLY close to delivering!)

All of the sudden a wave hit and I felt Sophie drop and my water break and I started a deep wailing.

The last time I felt that was when I needed to PUSH with Claire- only this time I was still in my bed at home.. Eeek!!!

Simply put- We waited too long!!!! I had no idea I had been going through transition!

I could feel her "laboring down" and I started moaning and screaming that we had to go NOW. That was at 6:15 am. I began to panic a little honestly.. I mean... she was ON her way and I knew it.

Now, with Claire I had NEVER felt an urge to push and mourned that about labor. I wondered if I would ever know that feeling. I read that many women feel like their body is pushing the baby out on its own and it can't be stopped.

So there I was, in my husband's pick up on a rainy dark morning- and... with each intense contraction all Hypnobabies flew out the window, I would grab on to the handle of the pick up and scream and my body began to BEAR DOWN. That baby was coming and it couldn't be stopped.

I was certain she was going to be born in the pick up.
Jacob ran every red light and I wailed like a cat in heat the whole way.

We got to the hospital at 6:30 a.m.

There was an orderly standing by the doors taking a cigarette break and I think I scarred her for life! The pick up door flew open just as a contraction hit me and I began to wail and bear down.. She was COMING!!

The orderly threw her cigarette down and with wide, crazy and scared eyes said, "I don't know what floor to take you to!"

I remember looking at her in the few seconds between contractions and saying (yelling?), "You've GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?!!!"

She said something about just working in a lab and being new and ran away to get a wheel chair.

The poor little lamb wheeled me into the elevator as the contractions kept rolling over one another and I kept yelling (the whole way up!) as my body kept bearing down.

Sophie was on her way!

We rolled up to the front desk and I started yelling for them to take my pants off while they were saying, "Let's get you signed in..."

Finally Jacob pulled my pants down since the nurses didn't seem to sense the urgency as they calmly started to ready the room. When he did this a nurse checked me as I stood there shaking and THAT'S when they yelled for the doctor. I was moaning and demanding the birthing tub and they said, "Oh honey...You're past that."

Needless to say they quit calmly readying that room and moved me immediately across the hall to a ready room.

At some point in this insanity my doula showed up (wonderful thing!).

I begged for an epidural still assuming (stupidly) that I was early on in labor and they said, "Push!"

Amazingly things calmed down a bit and I rested for a few minutes (labored down--- woo-hoo! I had hoped for that).  And before I knew it I began to push. No more than an hour since we had climbed into the pick up at home- she was born- and on the fourth of July- Independence Day!

Sophie was here by 7:19 am and there was a big double rainbow right outside our hospital room window. Right before my last push the nurses stopped and pointed out the rainbow in the early morning light.

It was amazing and special...

 I still CANNOT believe I transitioned at home! It was over!!!!

I remember looking at her as she was born and immediately thinking how amazing it was that she came out of me.

In hindsight- I worked through the "difficult part" at home, calmly laying in bed without waking Jacob so Hypnobabies really did work. And when I started feeling "crazy" there at the end.. well.. it was the END.

I'm so happy it turned out the way it did. It was a great birth with no complications.

After the nurses left the room Jacob and I looked at one another and settled on a name...

Sophia (Sophie) Elizabeth 8lbs 2 oz 7:19 am. No tearing and I feel good. Totally different than number one! It's a gift from God!

For us- Sophia means wise, and Elizabeth means consecrated to God.

Thanks for letting me share this birth experience. It was powerful and crazy. Had I known I was nearing 10 centimeters all of my crazy thinking would have made sense to me. However, I thought I was still early on in labor so I was thinking, "Welp- looks like I'm going to get an epidural this time because this is INTENSE!" Thank God I was already nearly done!

Would I do it again naturally? Yes! It was a great experience!


Mike and Emily said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! Thanks for sharing. It cracked me up when I read about the nurses wanting to get you checked in. uhm...after! Such a beautiful story!

The Reeds said...

Thanks Emily!! It was amazing but I'm SO Glad it's over. I don't relish those last months of pregnancy.. AT ALL!

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