September 20, 2013

Crumbs and Comfort

Blogtember- Friday, September 20: React to this term: comfort.

I sweep halfheartedly. Forgotten crumbs casting long shadows in the early morning light.

I reach under chairs and around the table legs. My back aches.

Wasn't I just doing this? Last week? Yesterday? This morning?

This world is in a constant state of disrepair. 

I run my hand on the windowsill and frown at the dust caking my finger tip.

The dust... the crumbs... always coming back.

This world is unkind. 

I reach far under the table for a cheerio.

The floor hard beneath my knees makes me feel old.

The crumbs remind me that this world will never be perfect.

My aching knees whisper that this is not my home...

This world is broken.

There is more to life than my flesh alone.

There is a God who loves me and has a purpose for me (and for you too).

I have a Savior and an indwelling Spirit to comfort me and guide me.

I am not alone.

This world is far from perfect...

I do myself an injustice to begin to love it and to expect comfort in it.

My comfort is in Christ alone.

I stand up and stretch out my back- casting a side glance at the far corner I didn't sweep at all.

My heart cries out a thank you.

Thank you Jesus... 

     that you are hope in a hopeless world.

Thank you Jesus... 

     that you are constant.

Thank you Jesus... 

     that you are comfort when life is cruel.

Thank you Jesus... 

     that you offer peace and rest when this world offers chaos and strife.

Thank you Jesus.

     Thank you.


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