September 16, 2013

Conversations with a Two Year Old

Claire is at that stage where she says really cute things that we want to remember. Her pronunciation is a hoot and she's simply adorable. Half of what she says only we can understand.

Today we went to the Science Spectrum and she got really scared by the automated T-Rex. She cowered between my legs crying and wouldn't let me go and made me carry her til we got the car. When we got home she described the experience to Jacob.

- Great mumbling with hand motions. Puts hands high in the air, "Nosoar.(t-rex)"..mumbles.." ROAR! Chi (Claire) scaid (scared)." More mumbling with animated hands in air. "Roooooaaar!" "It's no real. Momma (signalling that I held her). It's Okay. Nosoar."

- With a purse on each arm and one around her neck, "I go to chich." (Church). "Bye!! I love you!"

-She is a little obsessed with her friend Bailey. When asked on ANY day what she did she puts one finger to her mouth and gives an exaggerated, "Hmmmmmm..." Then says, "I see Bailey!!"

-The greatest thing she does right now is that she mimics us perfectly. She speaks in a falsetto to her baby dolls and to little Sophie, "Baby huny? (hungry) Yea? Okay. Here you go." (offering pretend food or bottle).

- My mom got Claire a little old tu-tu and she is currently obsessed with ballet. Yesterday she had on the tu-tu, several bows and three purses and was dancing in the living room watching a music dvd. I said, 'See the ballerina?!' and that was all it took.. she repeated the word "Ballerina" about 100 times while she danced and said, "I dancin!!!" while she watched Angelina Ballerina.

So much fun!

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