September 5, 2013

Blogtember: Useful Advice?

You can negotiate anything.
(This photo has nothing to do with this post.. but it's cute.. and every post needs a photo.. right?) Just this week I threw out my back. Badly. This morning I hijacked Jacob's day and had him watch the girls while I tried to wedge myself into the car without bending or twisting my neck or back (try it.. it's hard and looks funny)- and drove rather recklessly (or wreck-less-ly) to the chiropractor for my second appointment in as many days.
(Again.. nothing to do with this post.. but it is a road and me "driving".) My neck was so bad, I couldn't bend to wash my face, brush my hair and I couldn't look to the left while driving (making it reckless). I didn't want to pay double since I had been in twelve hours before but my back had frozen up again and I had to return. So I put myself out there and asked to not be charged for today... and he agreed! Driving home I thought to myself, "I have to tell Jacob that I negotiated!" In Africa we found a little worn paper bound book on the sagging mission shelf, "You Can Negotiate Anything."
(This picture has nothing to do with this post.. but is interesting. Sorry I have no link/source for it.) We were pretty desperate for any free literature and thus entertainment, so Jacob read it. And wouldn't you know it kind of transformed our lives? The concept is obviously, that you can negotiate anything and it never hurts to ask. And so Jacob and I began trying it from time to time. I recommend it. When you think things are set in stone- ask. What can it hurt?!


The Kowals said...

hi. i love you, miss you and cant wait to see you. fix your back so we can play hard when you come visit!

The Kowals said...

my comment reads a bit creepy... sorry about that and your back dear

The Reeds said...

Ha!! I would have never thought that! So funny!

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