September 5, 2013

Blogtember: Three Months of Anything

If I could take off from my current life and do anything for three months... Well, let's just be really honest... I would go somewhere and sleep. A lot. Uninterrupted, beautiful sleep- like fresh water in a spring. I would just gobble it up, and wake up refreshed. Over and over again.
I would skip meals, drink coffee and have big glasses of wine with my dinner (all obvious no-no's while nursing). I would call up old friends and meet late at night to talk endlessly about what has been going on in our lives and hearts. I wouldn't worry about who is missing me or how long it's been since I last fed my baby. I would just... talk... or stare.
I would go to the movies without worrying about milk in some form or fashion. I would drive to visit my dad, and not worry about the safety of my surroundings or my babies. I would just take in the new people and the conversation.
And if money were no factor- I would call up my old travel friends and we would hit up a new adventure... I'm thinking... South America would be nice, or Siberia by train. If I had three months to take away from my current life- this is what I'd do.

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