September 17, 2013

Blogtember: A Memory to Relive

Tuesday, September 17: A memory you would love to relive.

It's cliche but true. I'd love to relive my wedding day.

We're still early in our marriage- 7 years- but already we've lost so many loved ones since then. I'd like to go back to that special day where so many near and dear to us took time out to come and honor our union.

From the beginning of planning our wedding we said it wasn't about us. I mean.. obviously it is ultimately about the couple.. but really.. it's also about all of the family and friends who invest in you and take their precious time and energy to come and celebrate with you. It's about culture, traditions and family. It's about much much more than just two people. It's about two families and two communities merging forever.

And to walk those halls again on that day? To be in that sanctuary again?

Wow... in hindsight that would be amazing. I would hug so many necks just a little bit longer.

As health has also declined since this I would hug those necks longer too.

 I would stop and say, "I love you" more than I probably did.

A few friendships have lost their way since then which makes me so sad... if I could go back to that day I would hug those necks too and say, "You matter to me.. You're so important."

Again.. I know it's so cliche.. but I would love to go back and sit in that fellowship hall and just stop and look around- and take it all in.


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