September 5, 2013

Blogtember Bandwagon: Where I Come From

The wonderful Kristin Bednarz first and foremost inspired me to take pictures of life just as it happens (and to shoot in natural light). I love her generosity, joy and kindness. And now she's inspired me to join Blogtember. What a great idea. You can read about Blogtember here: Blogtember. So to kick off my personal participation in Blogtember- Where I Come From... Where did I come from? The middle of nowhere. Dusty fields and flat plains. Night skylines where I swore as a child I could see the twinkling lights of the bustling metropolis of Lubbock 30 miles away. I come from Irish immigrants hungry, hardy and full of stories to tell. Southern families broken by war and forced West. Native American blood shamed into silence and sadly forgotten. I come from small town America where we only locked our door when we went out of town and even then the key was hidden quite obviously on the porch. I come from hot summer days where the tar bubbled, and the cement burnt red circles on your skinny thighs and arms as you dried like a wet towel in the sun. I come from farmer family where there were no cows or chickens but little cotton seeds that held the hope of provision and the reality of defeat in the cracked and desperate soil. I come from an American home where we ran free up and down the streets on bikes with banana seats and we never worried about strangers but only about bullies or loose dogs and mean chows. The only thing that struck fear in our hearts was the great siren wail of a tornado nearby or the siren wail of an ambulance. I come from mac-n-cheese and kool-aid days. I come from small town baseball games with soggy green pickles and weeds higher than your heads.

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kristinbednarz said...

YEAH! I'm so glad you jumped on the Blogtember Bandwagon! Well, done, my friend. Well done!

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