August 22, 2013

This and That: The Random Files

Random Point One:

Today Claire kept a calculator in her pajama pants (as in down around her ankle) for about three hours. She would randomly pull it out and plug in numbers then drop it back down safe and sound.

This reminded me of homeless women who talk to bananas and use pieces of cardboard for laptops. I'm sure there has been a homeless woman somewhere do something like that.

The point is, it's pretty ingenious and a little borderline crazy...

But cute too.

Random Point Two:

This weekend my mom and I shared stories about my grandmother (who I adore by the way).

She has this unbelievable ability to be so sweet and say exactly what she means. You leave the conversation knowing EXACTLY what she's thinking, loving her more but wondering if you just got insulted.

Here's the story my mom shared from this week. It pretty much takes the cake if the cake is confusion about whether or not you're being unwittingly insulted by a loved one...

Random Point Three:

Sophie is six weeks old which means I can no longer hide behind her wee size and young age as I down dip cones and donuts.

So I set goals and proclaimed my passion and dedication to lose this baby weight.

I took measurements and "before" pictures.

I immediately proceeded to eat two entire packs of brownies single-handedly (truth be known- I may have double-fisted a few brownies... but that's NOT the point of this post).

Random Point Four:

Potty training early rocks. It really does.

Until said potty training coincides with the "terrible" twos where your child randomly chooses (passionately and steadfastly) what you CANNOT help them do.

Like wipe their bottom.

As in, "Noooooooo!! I don't WANT IT!" as this hypothetical toddler runs angrily down the hall with the tiniest bit of visible poop hanging from their bottom.

Hypothetically speaking of course.

 At which time potty training early is actually pretty crappy.

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