August 30, 2013

S'not Funny

Sophie turned 8 weeks yesterday and has been initiated into the world of snot and runny noses.

So sad! I didn't expect her to get sick until much later since Claire didn't get sick until she was six months old.

But poor Sophie has a big sister to drag germs home. Not to mention that Claire loves to kiss her little sister (on her open mouth no less), and is always touching her hands and face.

I can't complain about the sister love, but an 8 week old who can't breathe well and who is snotty is no fun... At all!

Our house is currently a crazy collection of discarded tissues.

In the meantime, Claire is still passionately saying, "I don't WANT IT!" to everything with a healthy dose of "No's!" thrown in.

That's pretty much our life just now! Jacob is pitching in and helping all the time. There should be a husband of the year award because this man deserves it. I'm trying to exercise to make me less of a cranky pants mc gee.

Much love friends,

Cranky Pants McGee

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