August 18, 2013

Sleep & Other Odd News

Comparison is the thief of joy.

This statement is so true and I've never felt that so acutely until I had a child.

If I thought all babies were acting just like mine- I would be a lot less stressed.

But when my toddler acts out, whines, moans or pitches a fit- I get frustrated and then angry. That shows my ugly inner idols of wanting affirmation from other people.

When my baby wakes up (again) at night to eat I get frustrated thinking other babies out there are sleeping like little rocks.

Comparison is no good.

Let it go my friends.

That being said, Baby S is so happy and sweet. She hardly screams and cries (though she of course does some). She sleeps one good 3-4 hours stretch at night and then wakes up every two hours... I'm ready for this phase to pass.

She smiles and is trying to coo (be still my heart).

Her sister loves her.

She is growing so quickly! At six weeks she is comfortably in three month clothes. We flew through our newborn clothes and the newborn insert of her carseat was a joke. She was like a little hot dog squished in there.

In other "big" news.. Sophie is six weeks which means I'm starting to exercise again. Very very slowly! Just walking two miles and doing some light yoga. Time to get serious again. :)

I am reading:
Bringing up Girls (if you have girls I recommend it- if you have boys I recommend its counterpart Bringing up Boys.

I am about to read: 
Parenting without Borders: Surprising Lessons Parents Around the World Can Teach Us
Writing Motherhood 

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