August 4, 2013

Phone Dump/Brain Dump

I don't have enough energy for much, much less for something organized.

- How did I ever nurse without an iphone? Countless games of solitaire are going on over here.

- Sophie is ONE MONTH old. Woah! She is 10lbs and 11 oz. today. Up from 8 lbs. 2 oz.

I don't know what's normal but she seems pretty healthy! ;)

- Sophie is so sweet and doesn't scream inconsolably at night. I feel so blessed.

- I'm feeling antsy to start exercising and treating myself right. I feel super ready for change. I feel ten years older right now. :/

-Our front yard is a weed fest but our back yard is amazingly a green, lush, gorgeous (to us) oasis thanks to my wonderful husband. Evenings with our girls back there are the best.

-We've been hanging out at home while Sophie is so small, just enjoying our time as a fam. Friends from church have been blessing us with meals. Hurrah!

-Claire can talk LIKE CRAZY. Every day she says multiple things and we look at each other in awe. She is beyond sponge.. she is a magnet. Today she said, "I want to wash my hands because they are dirty."

WHAT?? Just the other day I was wishing she would say, "Ma ma".

Yesterday she was being naughty at the table and kept saying, "No no no no no!"
Jacob got on her level and locked eyes with her and said, "You will obey me because I am your father."
And Claire calmly said back, "I'm your father too!"

Oh dear.

Dr. Claire listens to Sophie's heart with a book mark.

Family walks. C loves being with sister.

Here C was happily playing, "going to Chich!" (church). She would sweetly play then would see me watching and and yell, "No!!!!"

First smiles at three weeks.

So sweet!

Our own little oasis.

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Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

yea for sleeping at night! So happy for you and your adorable little family! Praying you are getting rest and enjoying this time.

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