July 2, 2013


When you're this pregnant life is funny.

                          Can't you hear me laughing about it now?

Example 1: While out in public people comment and ask when you're due.

When I say, "Last week" it's fun to watch their eyes grow wide like saucers or like I just grew a second head..

Which technically, I have... 

Not bragging or anything- but I'm rocking the symbiotic parenting method to its core right now.

Example 2:   Every pain, grimace or complaint is met with ever loving care and concern.

Me: Dramatic groan.
Darling Husband: Contraction?
Me: No.
(Husband eyes me with suspicion.)

{A few second pass.}

Me: Dramatic grown.
Darling Husband: Contraction?!
Me: No.... Gas.
Darling Husband: (blank stare).

Example 3:
I had a wreck yesterday... It's a long story but I backed into a car as we were both moving on a street. I was in the wrong but was trying to get out of a semis way so he could make a wide turn. I never saw the car creep behind me from a parking lot.. As a matter of fact, even after I hit her I still couldn't see her in my mirrors (she was at an angle in my blind spot).

She was angry. Understandably.

And I, being the symbiotic parenting phenomena surging with hormones and apprehension that I am, completely lost it and started sobbing. It shook me up y'all.

My toddler was in the car.

My unborn child was in the car.

I was in the car.

And I never even saw this lady.

Under normal circumstances she would have rolled her eyes and given me "what for".

But in my current state, as soon as she saw me, her face melted and she couldn't stop hugging me and asking if I was okay.

Her car wasn't harmed. Actually only mine was minimally where her tire left marks (my car is much smaller).

I was very very grateful for kind people as I drove away sobbing.

We all need grace!

(and I need to have this baby... soon!)


Mark & Jennie said...

Oh G, sorry about the bump (the car one that is) and that the other bump is still growing!! Hang in there, can't go on much longer - you're my hero!!!


The Reeds said...

Thanks Jennie! What fun that we're in this together!;)

The Kowals said...

Love you George, so sorry about the car wreck -- how crazy but so thankful it worked out how it did. Missing you guys and we will keep praying for labor to start! Now!! :)

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