July 19, 2013


Watching you become a big sister has been one of the most surprising joys I've ever experienced. We've prayed for this and hoped against sibling rivalry for a long time. For nine months we've asked everyone we meet who has a sister how they got along.

We've read "Big sister" books with you and prayed as a family every night.

And now, two weeks later, you are completely a big sister. And it's an amazing thing to see.

You are gentle.

You are attentive.

You are nurturing.

You are kind.

More and more you carry your little baby around and shh her, rock her, "feed" her, put her in bed etc.

You are thrilled and overjoyed at the honor and excitement of getting to hold Sophie and you say, "Little!", "Sophie" and "Sister".

I am so so proud of you and so thankful to God for how these two weeks have gone in this regard.


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