July 1, 2013

A Baby Dip and Change

There's a lot going on in our world right now.

Along with the hurrying up and waiting (where are you baby girl? You're next on my to-do list!), my brother has been very ill in the hospital.

I spent Sunday mostly in tears. I meet my accountability group Sunday nights and last night they asked if we could swim in a pool one last time before Ginger and I (hopefully) give birth this week.

When I showed up I was really upset that there were ten or more cars there and the lights were on when I had puffy red eyes, a large pregnant belly hanging over my dress (and out of my shirt) and had brought a pre-pregnancy, smaller weight BIKINI to swim in. I was really hoping to be in the dark and with just the few girls.

But when I opened the gate- it was a surprise for me!! It was just girls (praise the Lord!)  and they had thrown together a "baby" dip to celebrate little girl coming. They had amazing cupcakes and gifts and we floated in the pool.

It was what I didn't know I needed.

I felt so blessed.

I was so blessed! What an honor!

Not to mention that there is nothing like being weightless at 40+ weeks pregnant. Nothing. 

People who doubt laboring in a tub clearly have never been this large and in a pool of water.

It's amazing.

Well after the guests left, I overstayed my welcome and floated in that pool until 2am.


I did that. In my teeny bikini and burgeoning belly.

Ginger and I rang in July (Happy Canada Day!) by floating weightless.

No contractions. No pain. No pressure.

And all I have is this picture for proof.

On to Change...

Claire has been having a sleep strike.

As in, "Are we really bringing another child into this house with this screaming crazy mess of "No" toddler?!" Claire went from being a regular napper, to playing in her room, to calling to us from the gate... to full out hysterics.

We tried everything. Even spanking. She went for four straight hours day after day- screaming and throwing herself on the ground.

Then it bled into our calm bedtime routines. And her easy night time sleep turned into hours of hysterics and screaming... She was going to bed at midnight and not napping during the day.

After a four hour battle the other night she went to sleep. At midnight I walked by her room and decided to quietly pull her door to.

As I did, I met resistance... Because she was asleep STANDING AT THE DOOR with her head on the gate.

It had been a rough few weeks.

She was miserable.

We were miserable.

And there's a baby on the way!

I know toddlers go through sleep regression.

I know we're having a baby (and we've potty trained her and moved her to a "big girl bed"). Big changes are happening here.

But still... this was reminiscent of her baby days and it was not fun.

Last night while I was floating Jacob had an epiphany...

Claire really has developed a fear of being alone (along with the attitude and will of a two year old).

So today I read to her like normal. She requested to go potty three or four times like normal. I put her in bed and the frantic hysterical screaming began.

Change one: I prayed with her and she was calm until I finished then started up again- crying interspersed with requests for the potty (her excuse to get out of bed).

Change two: I said I would sing and for her to closer her eyes. I sang the hymm "Holy, Holy, Holy.."(one of her favorites) while saying "close your eyes". I sang maybe four times.

Then she began to request her favorite song "Spidey" (Itsy Bitsy Spider) interspersed with potty requests. I sang slowly and quietly while also saying "close your eyes".

Change Three: I stayed there until she was asleep.  Within five minutes she was out cold- with one finger still on her eye where she had been rubbing only seconds before.

Two hours later and she still hasn't moved.

We have been so frustrated with her for being disobedient and willful when she KNOWS how to nap. We've done this for a year- even successfully in her big girl bed for over a month.

We had been frustrated with her changing...

But I guess our new lesson is:  

Things change.

And so should we.


lfhcreative said...

Yay! So glad Claire gave into sweet sleep with way less of a fight, poor girl must be so short on sleep! And yay for new babies and pools to keep pregnant mamas sane. And I kinda thought you and Ginger may just rig up a way to sleep in that pool :)

The Reeds said...

Yes! We seriously barely got out... Had we not looked at the time (or had to go to the bathroom so much) I could have stayed there til dawn... felt SO good! Thanks for coming!! :)

kristi said...

So glad Claire finally slept! We've been there. When they're this little, there's nothing wrong with rubbing their back for a few minutes. Most days when I had two kids, I would get Ben situated in the swing or bouncy seat, and then rub Ethan's back until he fell asleep for nap. Sometimes Ben would even fall asleep too and then I got to enjoy a quiet break. Praying your baby comes soon!! Can't wait to see pictures!!

The Reeds said...

Thanks Kristi! I can't wait to have pictures too! (soon enough I'm sure...or I hope!). I guess kids, like our lives, are ever changing. :)

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