July 3, 2013

41 Weeks: Baby Girl Exerts Her Will

Progress:  Don't know (but may after my 41 week appt. today).

 Total weight gain:  37 pounds. That ginormous carrot cake last night surely didn't help this cause... but it tasted mighty good!

Maternity clothes? Busting out of it all. :)

Stretch marks? 1 OR 2. I hope to find no surprises between now and whenever she comes in the next week!

Sleep: Decent 4 hour chunks. I will miss this in a few days or weeks.

Miss Anything? Being motivated to clean and get projects done.

Oh nesting... where did you go?

Movement: Much less than before but still rolling around, hiccups and generally making her presence known. I'm grateful for each move.

Food cravings:  Decaf iced caramel macchiatos. Ice cream sandwiches. I can't really call these "cravings" but rather guilty pleasures I'm giving into because I feel sorry for myself. :)

Labor Signs:  I think I've been having some lovely early labor/pre-labor action. Tiny little contractions or pinches off and on (nothing to write home about). Lots of cramping and pain.

Extreme discomfort. Are you convinced to get pregnant immediately after reading this? I have that effect on people.

Symptoms: Left hip pain. Amazingly, no swelling.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Resentful that I haven't gone into labor yet but grateful that I'm getting sleep and not having to care for a newborn yet.

Highlight Lowlight of the week: My brother going into the hospital and then into ICU unexpectedly.

The highlight would be a surprise baby shower and floating in the pool. And though it's for the wrong reasons (see above), having my mom nearby.

Looking forward to: Not being pregnant.

Big sister: Claire is feeling that things are "a changing".

Still loves blueberries like crazy!
Her latest thing is to bring us her "I'm a Big Sister" book and ask us to read it over and over again.  At least this is a good sign to me that she really had understood what it was all about and that it was a useful purchase all those months ago.

She's started using phrases from the book like, "Cozy" and "Look at me!". Also, the big sister gets to look at pictures of herself as a baby and so now Claire asks multiple times a day to "Look at pictures."

Thankfully the one project I did do this week (as my motivation and energy have putted down to zero) was to finish family albums. So we've been walking down memory lane a lot.

Also, Claire has gone through some sleep regression and not wanting to be alone.
She finally overcame her fear of the vacuum cleaner. She loves doing all house help. Mommy loves it too!

Yep. Changes are a coming sweetie.

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