June 24, 2013

Dear Baby,

Dear Baby,
Our lives are a whirlwind that revolves around you.

I rock in a newly acquired second hand chair and you rest peacefully inside of me.

A full moon illuminates the entire back garden like a stage.

It's quiet, only Claire's sound machine hums in the background.

But my head is in a whirl.

I'm hoping so much that you would come (a few days ago). I'm doing every old wive's tale that I told myself I wouldn't do this time. I've been eating pineapple every day, going for walks, eating spicy food (a perfect excuse for Thai food).

Daddy hopes you will wait. Life is stressful for him this week.

Nan hopes you will hurry. Something has come up at work and she really really needs you here by June 30 at the latest so she can stay with us a full week.

We all think, watch and wonder. Hope, pray and will things to happen our way.

And you just sleep. Occcasionally your little abdomen is rocked by hiccups. You stretch much less and kick less often because you're so cramped (please don't be too big!).

And we all wait.

And you wait, not knowing what is coming. Not knowing what is on the other side of warmth and safety.

You wait obviously loving where you are as much as your big sister did.

Claire also waits though she doesn't know it. She's rubbed my tummy, given kisses and prayed for sister thinking most likely that "sister" means belly now.

She doesn't know what waits around the nearby bend... that her life is going to be thrown off orbit..

Mommy's lap has been smaller and less comfortable. My burgeoning belly making sleep impossible for me and getting me ready for your arrival. At the same time getting her used to being picked up less and cuddled less closely.

And we wait...

While the full moon does not do it's trick and we all hope in different directions.

One thing is certain.

You are coming. One way or another.

Tomorrow or two weeks from tomorrow.

You will be here.


The Kowals said...

so sweet G. i love it. I dreamed I was in labor and giving birth to another baby last night (yikes!) Maybe I am dreaming for you :)

The Reeds said...

I hope that means something!!

The Reeds said...
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The Reeds said...
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