June 28, 2013

15 Simple Pleasures

Today I wanted to share some simple pleasures...

I'm trying to focus on the positive in my quest for a.) labor to start b.) distraction from labor not starting and c.) more grace in my parenting.

So this is a great way to start.

15 Simple Pleasures

1. Waking up rested: There is no substitute for waking up from a solid sleep and feeling rested. Add to that the rich and rewarding feeling of having no where to go.


2. Surprising yourself with laughter: A lot of things are funny.

I like funny. I like to try and be funny. But really laughing?

That doesn't happen often. I love being caught off guard by the sound of my  own laughter. I am happy to report that though parenting is hard, I have found myself laughing more and with more abandon at the joy that is my daughter.

3. Making someone feel good about themselves: Some little comment or action you just throw out and then in response seeing someone's face light up. I wish I could do it more often.

4. Nutella. Straight from the jar and chased by cold milk. Yum!

5. The fresh smell of rain.

6. Enjoying a book: That's easy to read. And ends well (and having the time and freedom to stay up all night and finish it if you so choose).

7.  Fresh cut flowers. For the few days they sit on your table (before they begin to look like toilet sludge), you feel like life is fresh and beautiful.

8. Getting your teeth cleaned. You drive away from the dentist and rub your tongue over your teeth and think- I will never eat again.

And then you eat a granola bar or something within five minutes and feel like your teeth are destroyed again.

9.  Mountain air.

10.  Being surrounded by green trees and cool temperatures.

                     Unless you are under dressed and lost...

11.  A Child's Hug (or Kiss).

12.  A clean house: For about twenty minutes in time the world seems perfect.

                  Then I start living in it again. :)

13.  Singing a worship song with wild abandon. There is nothing like it in the world and I wish I did it more.

If you've never truly experienced this I recommend you find the time, get alone, crank some music in the country and see where it takes you.

14.  Coffee with a friend.

15. Community. The feeling of hours of conversation and connection.

Also, if you've never experienced this I recommend you seek out some people, plan a dinner date and make it happen. No agenda. No electronics. Just fellowship.

What's a simple pleasure you love?


The Kowals said...

Love these :)

and so agree about literally all of them. Allow me to add in my own as well:

16. Watching other people play and genuinely love your children.

17. Watching a baby sleep.

18. Watching a movie in someones theater room. Not having to worry about waking babies or dealing with other people's popcorn smells, phones, really just other people.

19. Floating on my back, eyes closed, in a body of water.

20. Having the freedom to cook a yummy yummy meal/food while other people watch and play with your kids.

The Reeds said...

Such good additions! I agree completely. :)

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