May 13, 2013

Toddler Tidbits: Toddler Beds, the president and boxers

Today Claire played outside.

She brought me her little squeaker shoes we swore we would never own (but now love), had me put them on her then firmly stated, "Ou-side".

She then proceeded to play independently and quite happily outside.

Coming in and out of the screen door. Bringing me handfuls of mint to sniff, since I have her sniff all plants and new food so she thinks this is normal.

Please do not inform her otherwise.

She carried her naked baby doll around and had her lounge in the sun, lay in the grass etc.

And I just sat. I enjoyed the silence and alone time... No. Seriously I just read blogs. And seriously reveled in the awesome alone time.

Especially because in the early days after Claire was born I did not know what I had signed myself up for. Being a mommy is hard.

Being a mommy of a newborn is an all consuming day and night time job. It's like being the president where you never have one minute off to walk around the house in your boxers and watch HGTV.  What I mean is, there's no "off time" for mommy.

So to imagine myself at this point- with a happy, independent child playing outside safely and happily- was impossible.

And to top it all off, she just came in and asked for help in closing the screen door behind her because those are the rules (bless her) because she's responsible and obviously doesn't take after her mother.

She then came over and brought me baby and signaled that baby was sleepy. She took my hand and led me to her new big girl room and laid baby on bed and covered her with the blankie "shh-ing" her the entire time.

She then signaled I should turn off the light.

She then climbed in her big girl bed and waited while I adjusted things.

Then she closed her eyes.

She is now in their napping and I'm out here marveling in the awesomeness that is a toddler who is growing more and more into a girl.

I want to write this down for posterity.

So that in two months when I become the president (nay... dictator...) of a new small little baby and I can't even take a minute to myself to pee much less shower- I want proof that those days end and that these awesome days exist.

And that some day we will be back here.

*In the spirit of full disclosure- not even 30 seconds after posting this she began the long game of opening and closing the door (the baby gate keeps her in). Still.. it was a nice fleeting moment.

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Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

Isn't it awesome??!! I am loving the threes also! It is so nice when you can have time to yourself again! The further I get away from the baby stage I am torn between missing it and not wanting to go back now!

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