May 15, 2013

Toddler Tidbits: Language

Watching a toddler's brain develop is a pretty overwhelming experience.

People say their kids are geniuses because their brains(the kids' brains that is) are growing SO QUICKLY and efficiently that they are all pretty much geniuses compared to us.

Claire literally has new words every day. After months of just wishing she would say mommy and envying other kids who would sing songs and say words- she has had a serious language burst.

Like... explosion.

Currently... She says so much it's silly to even "list it" in a post format. But here are some higlights:

"Nope"- she's just started saying this and it's really cute
"Yes"- She used to say "yea" and now it's maturing into a full out yes
"Chee"- she has just started calling herself "Chee" and occasionally "Chees" as in, "Chees bow"- patting her hair clip
"Bra"- frankly I couldn't leave this off the last because I am absolutely flabbergasted that she knows this word... I mean... how often have I said "bra" in front of her? Not often friends.

But today mine was showing just a little and she said, "Mommy's bra". Woah... Yep. Little sponge.

"Umblella"- It never rains here. We are in a drought. We went to Chic Fil A and it was AMAZINGLY sprinkling. A worker came to our car with an umbrella and TWICE I said, "Look Claire! Umbrella!" And now she loves the word and says it all the time... in context.

"Berrrback"- Apparently I must say "Be Right Back" all the time because this is a new game for Claire.

She will come into a room and state firmly that she'll "berrback" and then she will march out and get a baby doll, or a pretend cup of water. This continues for a very long time.

"We're homme!"- Apparently I also say this every time we pull up to our house. And often I say, "Home sweetie!" and one day I heard a little voice saying this in the exact tone I do. She even says it when we're about a block from our house in either direction.

Not much going on over here except marveling at how magnificent the young human brain is!!

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