May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day was once just about telling my own mother and grandmother that I loved them. It was just about sharing a tidbit of thanks for years and sacrifice poured in to me.

Now that I'm a mother myself, one would think that it would be about me. My recognition. Me as a mother.

But really it's about you.

Without you I would not be a mother.

Being a mother is sacrifice.

It is saying good bye to free time and freedom of travel and movement.

It is love and giving.

It is pouring out completely to someone who does not know sacrifice is being  made.

But it is so much receiving.

It is watching home videos I've taken and being surprised to hear myself laughing so much. Deep laughter from the heart, full of joy and happiness. Because you bring me great joy.

Your tenderness, your sassiness- honor me and challenge me in ways that cut deep.

When you mimic me: cooking in the kitchen you turn your little hands around imaginary knobs as you busily cluck away- jabbering and going from one room to the next. When you mimic me and think no one is looking and cuddle your plastic little baby doll, feed her, kiss her and hold her over the potty and exclaim, "Good gurl!" as I do to you...

When you do this I am honored and touched more than any award or tenure could bring.

When you do this I know why women give up their youth, selfish ambition and pre-baby bodies. It is because this is the greatest joy.

It is because this is living.

I'm thankful to you on this day...

because you make me a mother.

Happy Mother's Day daughter of mine.


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