April 2, 2013

Surprise Visits and Elephant Fun

Last night we had the best surprise ever.

An old friend, Gordon, "dropped" by from across the country. We hadn't seen one another in over 7 years.
It was so great!

We visited and reminisced about Africa and all the fun we had.

We watched this video over and over again.  It was great to see it again!

Claire was mesmerized- and kept saying, "pant"(elephant?) or something to that effect.

It was Gordon's great driving skills that got us out of that elephant's way in just the nick of time. That could have been very very bad!

It was great (next time we need to be complete party though).

This elephant adventure happened only a few days after we had gotten engaged and is such a special time for us with wonderful and special people we love.

Good times.

1 comment:

Kristi Van Der Merwe said...

OK, this video is so crazy! He really charged you there at the end! Hope you guys are doing well! You are beautiful pregnant, Georgia!!!

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