April 27, 2013


Claire is growing so quickly. I know some day I will forget these little things and want to remember them.

Claire-ese (as of now)

Poppycock- puppy dog
duddy- daddy, jelly and dirty- all hilariously interchangeable
bidey- spider (as in, "The Itsy Bitsy Spider".. which we sing several times every single day. By request...)

And lastly, Claire kind of thinks she can count, but everything is "Two, three!".

The other day I was trying to work on the concept of OR.

As in, "Which do you want- an apple OR a banana?" I asked, as I held up each fruit.

Claire just nodded enthusiastically for each.

I repeated it several times. Then I said, "Which ONE?"

To which Claire replied excitedly, "Two, Three!"


The Kowals said...

So sweet George! Start trying out baby names on Claire -- it is really fun to hear them say/try to say a name you both like. A lot of the times we found that having B say it made us like it more or less. It was a fun game we played :) Miss y'all like crazy :( I cried today telling Chris how much I missed our time together. We will get it back soon I'm sure! love y'all -- A

The Reeds said...

Aw thanks Amanda. I miss you guys too! We have asked her to try a few names and it's pretty hilarious. We should make it a regular game. :) Hope this is a good week for you guys,

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