March 11, 2013

Potty Training on the Road

Friday we embarked on our first road trip with a diaper-less toddler.

I was imagining urine soaked car seats or worse. Top that off with going to a wedding where I was sure to have a urine soaked dress and shoes (hers... not mine .. or both).

We left with lots of extra time for many many potty stops.

Here's a low down of how it went.

Friday March 8,  Day 9:  We planned to leave the house at 9.

Noon- we pull out of the garage already a little frazzled.

Is traveling with children always like this or are we just exceptionally bad at this? Either way, we're on the road!

1 pm- we pull over at a Dairy Queen. Typically we would eat before we left but we figured a stop after one hour would give our little queen a chance to "go".

1:30pm- in a dirty Dairy Queen bathroom after I just yelled "Don't touch that! DIRTY! Naa-sty!"

{I later realized this is going to be a common theme now when we visit bathrooms.. Me yelling, "Don't touch that! Dirty!"

Now, when around public toilet Claire will say, "Nassy!"}

Upon walking into the dirty bathroom Claire goes to the toilet and reaches IN and TOUCHES some brown "build up" around the inside of the bowl....

It was in slow motion...

After some washing and strong admonition I beg her to potty.

She says, "No."

Of course.

I go potty all the while saying how fun it is and how happy mommy is to tee-tee.

All at once Claire (who is now fixated on the dirty trash can and holding her hand one inch away from dirty paper sticking out as I firmly say, "DIRTY!!!!" between my stating how fun peeing is).. Claire suddenly squats just a bit, grabs herself and says quietly, "bobby" with a shocked look on her face- I quickly leap up pull down her pants and put her on the potty.

She tee-tees.

I cheer.

I feel like a success! We can do this potty training road tripping thing!

Then I see her wet panties and wet pants.

Accident #1 of Road Trip.

6 pm- we pull into the restaurant where the rehearsal dinner is. Claire has managed to stay dry with occasional stops and potties (and cheering) along the way.

Our confidence is renewing.

6:20 pm- Claire is bored in the high chair and a little overwhelmed by the crowd of milling strangers.

6:25pm- Our first "bobby" request. Claire is obsessed by the "wa wa" on the floor and wants to touch it.. It's urine.. of course.

She tee-tees a little.

6:35pm- "Bobby" request #2.

6:42pm- "Bobby" request #3.

6:44pm- "Bobby" request #4.

This has officially become a game.

When we hear "bobby" our eyes meet and I'm sure my nose flares. 

She has figured this out. The conundrum of do we let her play it like a game and run the risk of letting her poop in her high chair during someone's rehearsal dinner?

We play it safe and avoid pooping on our friend's parade.

We go "bobby" no less than ten times...

End day- exhausted.

Saturday March 9, Day 10- It's wedding day!

As if to say I'm sorry for the accident in the Dairy Queen bathroom- Claire wakes up dry and then requests to go potty and fills her princess potty. We're thrilled.

8 am- Suddenly my child's feet grew an inch (or something). All of the dress shoes I bought her don't fit.

9 am- Insert emergency Target trip.

9:15 am- She cries when we try on the new patent leather shoes.

9:20 am- Change of plan. We buy a new dress for her that matches the one pair of shoes that do fit. We throw in some Elmo panties to up the ante.

10:00am- One whispered "bobby" throws me into a panic and I'm waddling through the store holding her out. I'm in dress shoes. I'm pregnant. It's a sight to behold.

We avoid an accident.

12:35 pm- we're at the chapel. The dress is dry. The shoes fit. The music begins as the sanctuary quietens.
I hope that pacifier does its job...
The guitarist ends one song and everyone turns for the bride to enter. Claire, loudly says, "Uh-oh!" as she always does when a song ends.

People laugh...

I sweat.

The doors swoosh open as we see a gorgeous bride and I see our one access to the bathroom blocked....

I picture us just letting her pee on us and shoving puffs in her mouth to stop her from saying "bobby".

12:40 pm- the bride has passed. No bobby, no pee and 100 puffs later the ceremony is in full swing.

12:46 pm- the puffs are out and Claire is humoring herself by quietly whispering, "ha!" then quickly putting one finger to her mouth and whispering "Sh!".

1pm- Praise the Lord it's over!

4 pm- we drive away from the reception with a dry, albeit tired,  little girl, ten trips to the bobby and three climbs up the stairs to keep her occupied.

She is officially a toddler. I'm exhausted. Letting her pee in her diaper is a lot easier on a pregnant mom. Not going to lie.

Sunday, March 10- Day 11-  Short summary. We made it home dry.

Pulled over - twice (one time one mile before home- but we're not taking any chances)
Stopped at gas stations/restaurants- thrice
"Bobby" trips while at said restaurant- five (fice?)
"Bobby" requests while at restaurant- ten

Days gone- 3
Hours on the road- 11
Hotels stayed at- 2
Road side princess potty experiences- 6+
Gas Station potty stops- 3+
Restaurant potty stops- 3+
Accidents- 1

I'm so glad to be home!

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Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

I call it a success if we leave within an hour of our designated departure time for trips. Way to go with potty training. We just put Madeline in big girl panties this week because she hadn't had any accidents for a while. Madeline does really good not having accidents when we are on trips. Her problem is so doesn't go AT ALL! We were on LA freeway when she said she needed to go. we pulled off and found a nasty gas station. We were the ones carrying her little potty seat in to the deity restroom with people looking at us all to have her not go. Gotta love toddlers. I have spent more time sitting on the bathroom floor reading books to Madeline way more than I ever Imagined I would! Fun times!

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