March 2, 2013

Potty Training in Three Days: Day Two Recap

I did better on day two because I figured out how to work the system.

We moved from one hard surfaced area to the other and even made it a game. If she tee-teed in the potty in the kitchen we ran and giggled to the bathroom to "flush" and wipe.

We rotated bathrooms. Played with tubs of toys in each. Sat and read books.

Played puzzles and colored in the kitchen. And read countless books when she requested the potty (which turned into "bobby" as the day progressed).

I also learned by charting that she has had an accident every day at around 11 am. And always when I was on the phone with someone....

For day two I was on the phone with my grandma. Her's my recap on facebook:

One accident. That's pretty awesome.

Day two was not as exhausting. Perhaps it was because I knew what to expect and had people to call for a mental break throughout the day.

I didn't clean, get any work down, exercise or step outside. But we potty trained.

I figure go hard or go home right?

This may not work this time. I know that. I'm fully aware. But I figure it's a real shame to waste her curiosity in the potty and her willingness to ask to go and go so often.

So day two was a success...ish. With a lot of work and concentration on both sides. 

I'm excited to see what day three holds!

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