March 2, 2013

Potty Training in Three Days: Day Three Recap

Let me share a fact with you: potty training is easier when your mom is in town.

Claire giggled and giggled and giggled.

She was distracted.

We started day three with her melting down and crying as I "de-diapered" her (very upsetting when you only want an early morning cuddle).

We stood in the kitchen as I bragged to my mom that she had only one accident the day before (on my back... remember?).

As I said this, Claire stood in the kitchen and peed everywhere. I obliviously continued to make breakfast and bragged until my mother kindly pointed out my little genius was peeing all over the floor.

Nice start to day three Claire. Well played.

But that was it! To my knowledge (bathtime possible pees aside), there was only one accident.

The weather was nice so we put Claire in some sandals that I didn't mind getting bathed in urine and she played outside (bottomless of course) until her little cheeks (both sets) were red and rosy.

Even outside she ran over to go use the potty (we carried it with us) and clapped excitedly at her job well done.

Claire asked more often to go "bobby" (potty).

Tomorrow is supposed to be the beginning of the three month phase where Claire can wear loose fitting pants but with no diaper or panties (to avoid confusion)- though I am considering getting some panties for her that won't feel like diapers.

We are not ready yet go tackle nap time and bedtimes with no diapers though I know some approaches tackle it all at once.

I shudder.

Our couch shudders.

Our carpet shudders.

But here we go on to stage two!

On a side note- I have grown accustomed to hanging out solely in the kitchen and bathrooms and so has Claire. The craziness of doing this method actually dissipates as you both become scarily used to staying in these bizarre rooms and having no time to yourself.

Be encouraged!

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