March 4, 2013

Potty Training in Three Days: Day Four and Beyond

Day Four. The method I read about has you put your child in loose fitting bottoms after the initial three days.

It's a serious commitment that accepts the danger of urine and otherwise soaked- things.

I was expecting accidents galore.

It was Sunday and I was imagining awful scenarios in the nursery where the kind workers wanted to throw goldfish at my head and ban me from bringing C back.

Thankfully my mom was in town so we left them at home and avoided the entire catastrophe before it could even happen.

The amazing thing was that this morning we didn't have a meltdown when I took off C's warm jammies.. and when I sat on the potty she sat on hers.

Unlike the last three days, she did not stand up and clap and quit going the minute she heard her own pee. Instead, she completely took care of business. I was so pleased.

The day progressed nicely with... NO accidents.

Shocking right?

I knew I was setting myself up for failure when 5pm rolled around and the husband and myself gave one another mental high fives at the "no accident day".

Isn't there a saying about that? Something about counting your eggs before they're hatched?? Hmmm...

There were quickly two accidents in the next thirty minutes. However, both ended on a potty and were near one or after she signaled she needed to go.

So she was still praised and we're still happy.

Our next challenge? Living a normal life this week- with grocery runs and walks in the stroller all with no diaper.

I'm so proud of how she has done so far!

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