March 16, 2013

Potty Training the first two weeks- Recap

These posts are for my personal records. I realize most of you are most likely not interested. But for those of you who are.. Here it is.

I feel like I have been sharing the horror stories.

Mainly because I want to remember.

But really, overall this potty training business has been a good experience. We've learned a lot. And her "accidents" are often just a little tee-tee in her panties before she gets to the potty- a few times it's been more and one time it was more than urine.

10 times out of 10 she requests to go potty (the issue is timing!).

Here's a recap:

Day One: 7 accidents.  4 accidents on me, 3 accidents on the floor, 4 times in the potty.
Day Two: 1 accident (on me... ended on potty).
(At this point she began to regularly request the potty.)
Day Three: 1 accident  (ended on potty)
Day Four: 2 accidents (at end of day, back to back- both ended on the potty)
Day Five: 0 accidents (and out and about)
Day Six: 0 accidents (even went in the nursery/ woke up dry after nap)
Day Seven: 2 accidents- (both ended on the potty- both at small group at the end of the day.. :-/ )
Day Eight: 0 accidents (and we visited the Science Spectrum!)
Day Nine: 1 accident (ended on potty)- Road Trip
Day Ten: 0 accidents (woke up dry in the morning and after nap)
Day Eleven: 0 accidents- Road Trip
Day Twelve: 0 accidents
Day Thirteen: 0 accidents
Day Fourteen:1/2 accident (like her other accidents- this was a little accident on her way to the potty- and then she went on the potty)

Note: the only days her accidents were full-out accidents were day 1 and 2. After that they were her requesting to go and her not being able to hold it until she got to the potty, mainly when she was distracted with play/friends.

No rewards- positive reinforcement (though if push comes to shove we would reward)
First three days with no panties/ or diaper and staying home.
Never punishing for accidents only saying matter of factly, "We go on the potty" as I move her quickly to the potty.
We try to have her request the potty.
We don't force her on the potty.

Things I've learned:
- Saying we have to go (and not pushing her to go) often times will coax her to sit on her potty too (and then go)
-Go to the potty often (at least every hour or more after meals or drinks) to help remind her
-Take a potty outside and in car.
-Have a potty nearby in house.
-Pay attention to her (while driving, no loud music, pay attention when she is playing independently for her cues etc.)
- keep wipes near potty... toilet paper is no fun to wipe with...
-Let Claire flush and say "bye bye" to her business- this helps her not be scared of loud toilets- esp. in public restrooms
-Reinforce that everyone "goes"- even the dogs, and grandparents and friends.. etc. Get everyone in on the process.
-Always praise- even if only a bit gets in the toilet. She's bound to make mistakes as she learns to control herself.
-Praise her after the fact to other people.
-We caved and got panties. Occasionally when she didn't want to go but I knew she needed to (before a road trip etc.) the trick of, "Let's sit down and look at Elmo!" (on her panties) did the trick

Claire consistently wakes us up during her nap time and bed time so she can go potty (and she really does) and she often wakes up with a dry diaper. When she wakes up and needs to go she cries out, "Abby!" Which is what she calls Elmo- because we read an Elmo and Abby book while she's on the potty.

Honestly, she's been doing this since the first few days but we just thought she was dreaming about Elmo and we've now figured it out.

The Future:
We're counting of at least three months of feeling like we are "actively potty training". We take the potty with us everywhere, even on walks, and if she has an accident and I'm not paying attention to hear her ask to go then I count it as my fault for now. She still has to learn how to pull her own pants down and up, but she can wipe and flush the potty all by herself.

Our Take:
We're pretty thrilled! We're so proud of her and feel like she was ready and curious. Any accidents are only because she doesn't make it on time and she always still holds most of it for the potty. We're back to normal life, visiting people, play dates, church and walks.

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