March 5, 2013

Potty Training: Day 6- and big girl panties

Has it really already been six days?

While this has taken a lot of focus and effort I can't call it hard (though the first few days were... exhausting to say the very least).

But here we are at six days and I'm happy (and shocked) to report- accident free!

I'm shocked. Really, genuinely, schocked.

Today we had Bible study and I was itching to see if my child had pooped on the floor and scarred the other children and nursery workers alike.

When I went down to get her- she had gone in the potty and then went again immediately, oblivious to the fact that she was the only child sitting on a potty in a room full of clothed people.

We played outside and she requested the potty. We went for a walk and she waited to go. Her diaper was dry after nap (I'm still a little shocked).

Taking off the diaper in the morning and after nap was still a little traumatizing... :/

And lastly, after the nap trauma I somehow mentioned panties (one of her books "Big girls use the potty' talks about panties), and she started actually saying, "Panties". So.... against what I had hoped to do- I put her in her first big girl panties. She was so excited!

I kept thinking we would have accidents then... But still none!

She pooped and peed all in the potty.

So very shocked and proud.

I'd like to share our "potty books" we currently read a lot:
"A Potty for Me!" This one is bright and colorful and has flaps she can lift.
"Big Girls Use the Potty". I was most pessimistic about this book and of course it is her favorite and is requested at almost every sitting.

(And a slew of ordinary books reserved for bathroom reading. Mainly anything with Elmo, much to our chagrin.)

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